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Learn Autopilot System With the help of Artificial Intelligence

Learn Autopilot , Self Driving System With the help of Artificial Intelligence .In This Era Vehicle is Controlled by Human to perform different Functionalities Such as control on steering , Brakes , Greer.With the Next level some of Features are automated, Like Automatic brake, Automatic Greer and stability control.Then with the next Level Vehicle done Fully Automated including all Functionalities while Driver require Only Monitor. System that we are sharing with you is Fully vision-based system will Assist these Functionalities including identification of Road and Destination with the Help of navigation to select best possible route adjustments so you don’t get stuck behind slow cars or trucks .

Auto steering is also including as awesome feature in this system.Smart Summon is also part of this system With the help of  Smart Summon, our Vehicle will navigate more complex environments and parking spaces, manoeuvring around objects as necessary to come find you in a parking lot.

Hardware Requirements

Operating System OS X – 10.13.3
Hard Disk 2 TB


Language Used to Develop This system 

Machine Learning
Computer vision

Some Other necessary Component    

Datasets Udacity
inspiration udacity self-driving car and End to End Learning
Techniques Used CNN
Pixel Size 3000
Used Dropout

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