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Learn Artificial Intelligence with Python from Scratch

Download Artificial Intelligence with Python Free in PDF format. In this notes you’ll learn Artificial intelligence in python language. Python is a high Level Programming language. It is easy to understandable and easy to useable language. By this notes you’ll use AI algorithms to create real world applications. In this notes you’ll learn AI complete introduction and the basic concepts of AI in the start of this notes. In this notes you’ll learn how to make decisions and learn how to implement the Ai algorithms to get best results.

This practical guides is very helpful for beginners, python developers and programmers. You learn this practical guide artificial techniques and learn its implementation. This practical guide teach you how to solve problems and how to create a efficient application. By this notes you’ll easy to understand its methodology and technique. You’ll understand its concept easily. This set of notes is available for download here.

You Learn These Topics:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Fundamental Usecase of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning Pipelines

Feature Selection and Feature Engineering

Classification and Regression Using Supervised Learning

Predictive Analytics with Ensemble Learning

Detecting Pattern with Unsupervised Learning

Building Recommender System

Logic Programming

Heuristic Search Techniques

Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming

Artificial Intelligence on the Cloud

Building Games with Artificial Intelligence

Building a Speech Recognizer

Natural language Processing

Sequential Data and Time Series Analysis

Image Recognition

Neural Networks


Deep Learning with Convolutional neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Networks and other Deep Learning Models

Creating Intelligent Agent with Reinforcement Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Big data




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