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Learn Modern Linux Administration From Scratch

Download Learn Modern Linux Administration from Scratch free. Establishing, configuring, and administering a computer network in a Linux environment is known as Linux system administration. In system administration, user accounts are created, reports are taken, backups are made, configuration files are updated, documentation is created, and recovery measures are carried out. The main objective of these notes is to provide the reader with access to the many technologies and instruments that a Linux operator today needs to be familiar with in order to make a living.

Since the emergence of internet-based web applications, the spread of Big Data-based systems, and the rush to cloud-based systems, system management for Linux (and other operating systems) has undergone a significant transformation. Companies are searching for admins who can manage the massive changes in IT systems during the past ten years, according to a brief glance at job advertisements. You must understand how and where to work with the latest computing paradigms, including big data, cloud-based systems, continuous integration & delivery, micro services, contemporary web application architectures, software-based networks, and containerization, in order to succeed in this environment.

The ideal reader for these notes is someone who wishes to work as a Linux systems administrator and already has some familiarity with Linux administration. These notes will be helpful to the developers who must understand systems concepts like scaling as well as the foundations of crucial operations-related concepts like networking, enterprise architects working on projects including the growth of internet services, Docker containerization, virtualization, big data, and cloud architectures, quality assurance engineers (SREs), backend engineers, and distributed application developers who are entrusted with managing and debugging the new technologies that are becoming more and more prevalent in modern systems operations.

You will cover following topics from these notes

Modern Linux System Administration

Networking Essentials for a System Administrator

Scalability, Web Applications, Web Services and Micro services

Sever Virtualization and Linux Containers

Working with Docker Containers

Automating Server Deployment and Managing Development Environments







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