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Kali Linux Wireless Penetration testing for beginners

Download Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing for beginners free. Today’s world is dominated by wireless networks. Every day, thousands of people use it to connect to the Internet and conduct personal as well as professional work at their homes, workplaces, and public hotspots. Despite how much easier life is thanks to wireless. Despite being risky and giving us such enormous mobility, it is simple. Unsecure wireless networks have recently been exploited to break into businesses, financial institutions, and governmental institutions. Due to network administrators’ continued ignorance of effective and foolproof methods for defending wireless networks, the incidence of such assaults is only increasing.

The purpose of the Kali Linux Wirelessly Penetration Tests Beginner’s Notes is to educate the reader about wireless network insecurities and how to conduct penetration tests to identify and fix them. Anyone interested in learning more should read this a step-by-step practical approach perform audits of security on wireless networks. The learning is quite thorough because every wireless attack described in these notes follows right away by a real-world demonstration.

You will cover following topics

Wireless Lab Setup

WLAN and its Inherent Securities

Bypassing WLAN Authentication

WLAN Encryption Flaws

Attacks on the WLAN Infrastructure

Attacking the Client

Advanced WLAN Attacks

Attacking WPA-Enterprise and RADIUS

WPS and Probes


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