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Web framework for Python Django Book Full Course

Web framework

A web framework is a collection of codes that make faster, maintainable and reliable web development by providing common patterns for web applications. All of the web developments use the same coding patterns and framework with few exceptions.

Python’s web frameworks benchmark is a process that assess the responsiveness of the framework that encode an object to JSON while returning as response simultaneously retrieve data from database and rendering it in a template.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Django

Chapter 2: Getting started

Chapter 3: The basics of generating Web pages

Chapter 4: The Django template system

Chapter 5: Interacting with a database: models

Chapter 6: The Django admin site

Chapter 7: Form processing

Chapter 8: Advanced views and URLconfs

Chapter 9: Generic views

Chapter 10: Extending the template engine

Chapter 11: Outputting non-HTML content

Chapter 12: Sessions, users, and registration

Chapter 13: Comments

Chapter 14: Caching

Chapter 15: Other contributed sub-frameworks

Chapter 16: Middleware

Chapter 17: Integrating with legacy databases and applications

Chapter 18: Customizing the Django admin

Chapter 19: Internationalization and localization

Chapter 20: Security

Chapter 21: Deploying Django



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