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Photo Math object Detection in Python using TensorFlow

In this Tutorial You will Learn about Custom Math Question Detector using Python TensorFlow.With the help of this system You can easy Detect Handwriting Digits with Simple Math Operations. This system will perform All Simple Mathematics operations.

           +  Addition
           – Subtraction
           * Multiplication
          ÷ Division
           > Less Than
          < Greater Than

You need to Write Digit with handwriting Like

Then System will Automatically Detect Digits with Operators and write down on another and perform operation like this


with the help of this system we can perform all basic mathematics operations as already mentions.

This system Developed using:

  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • SSD Mobilenet Architecture

How to Do this model 

  • Create picture library
  • Label each class
  • convert file
  • Create PB text
  • train the model

you can download source code freely

Final output 

You Guys can download Source code


Virus note:

  • All files are scanned  by Team of for viruses
  • Kindly Never run .exe’s, .ocx’s, .dll’s etc
  • Only Run PDF, Word

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