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Learn React from Scratch Step by Step

Download Learning React free notes in PDF format. This is an awesome notes for developers to build efficient react apps. React is an open-source JavaScript library for building client interfacing or UI components. React can be utilized as a base within the advancement of single page or versatile applications. In this notes you’ll learn how to build or create an efficient React app.

In this practical guide you’ll learn React basics, its techniques and learn how to solve different development problems. This practical guide teaches you that how to work with functional programming. In this notes there is given some code examples for more practicing. By this notes you’ll be able to understand all React concepts and create your own React App. You can free download this PDF notes from here.

You Can Cover These Topics from This Notes:

Welcome to React

A Strong Foundation

Working with The Files

React’s Past and Future

React Developer Tool

Installing Node.js

Java Script for React

Declaring Variables

Creating Functions

Function Declaration

Template String

Compiling Java Script

Objects and Arrays

Asynchronous Java Script


Functional Programming with Java Script

Imperative Versus Declarative

Functional Concepts




How React Works

Page Setup

React Elements

React DOM

React Component

React with JSX


Recipes as JSX

React Fragment

Intro to Webpack

Creating the Project

React State Management

Building a Star Rating Component

The Use State Hook

State in Component Trees

Building Forms

React Context

Enhancing Component with Hook

Introducing Use effects

The Dependency Arrays

Deep Checking Dependencies

Improving Component Performance

Incorporating Data

Requesting Data

Render Props

Virtualized List

Introducing GraphQL


Error Boundaries

Code Splitting

Using Suspense with Data

Throwing Promises


React Testing



Type Checking for React Applications

Prop Type

Test Driven Development

React Router

Incorporating the Router

Router Properties

Using Redirects

Routing Parameters

React and the Server

Isomorphic Versus Universal

Server Rendering React

Client and Server Domain


React in the Future


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