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Learn Pattern Recognition With Machine Learning for Beginners

Download Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning free in PDF. In this PDF notes you’ll learn pattern recognition and machine learning. Pattern recognition is the automated recognition of patterns in data. it is the process to recognizing patterns using machine learning algorithms. Machine learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that use to improve automatically through experience and the use of data. In this PDF notes you’ll learn the concept of pattern recognition by using of machine learning algorithms.

In this notes you’ll learn pattern recognition in detail. This notes is very helpful and useful for beginners, developers, students and those who intersted to learn about pattern recognition. In this notes there is given real time examples for more understanding and practicing. You can clear you’re concept by examples easily. You can download this PDF notes free.

You Cover These Topics:


Classifiers: An Introduction

An Introduction to Clustering

Machine Learning

Types of Data

Features and Patterns

Domain of a Variable

Types of Features

Proximity Measures

Feature Extraction and Features Selection

Types of features Selection

Mutual Information of Feature Selection

Chi-Square Statistic

Laplacian Score

Ranking for Feature Selection

Bayesian Learning

Document Classification

Naive Bayes Classifier

Density Estimation

Posterior Probability


Classification Without Learning

Classification in High Dimensional Space

Random Forests

Linear Support Vector Machine

Logistic Regression

Classification Using Soft Computing Techniques


Fuzzing Classifiers

Rough Classification

Neural Networks for Classification

Multi label Classification

Data Clustering

Number of Partitions

Clustering Algorithms

Why Clustering?

Clustering Labeled Data

Combination of Clustering

Soft Clustering

Soft Clustering Paradigms

Fuzzy Clustering

Rough Clustering

Statistical Clustering

Topic Model

Application- Social and Information Networks


Pattern in Graphs

Link Prediction

Information Diffusion

Identifying Specific Nodes in a Social Network


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