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Learn Data Structure and Sorting Algorithm from Basic to Advance

Download Data Structure and Algorithm free in PDF file. Data structure could be a data organization, management, and storage format that allows economical access and modification. In this practical guide you’ll learn about its basic concepts and algorithms. This practical guide gives solutions to many complicated data structures and algorithmic problems. This is very interesting and helpful notes. By this Practical Guide You can clear your concepts to the given code examples.

This practical guide is very useful for developers, programmers students and those who interested to learn about data structure or Algorithms. This practical guide provides you different solutions for different problems. You can download this PDF file free of cost from here.

You Cover These Topics from This Notes


Data Structures

Types of Analysis

Recursion and Backtracking

Recursion Vs Iteration




Link lists

Expression Trees

Binary Trees

Properties of Binary Trees

Priority Queues and Heaps

Binary Heaps


Disjoint Sets ADT


Graph Algorithms


Graph Traversals


Classification of Sorting Algorithms

Merge Sort

Quick Sort


Binary Search

Selection Algorithms

Selection by Sorting

Symbol Tables


Load Factor

Hashing Techniques

String Algorithms

KMP Algorithms

Algorithm Design Techniques


Greedy Algorithm

Greedy Strategy

Divide and Conquer Algorithm

Master Theorem

Dynamic Programing

Dynamic Programing Approaches

Complexity Classes

Types of Complexity Classes

Miscellaneous Concept


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