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Learn Building Telegram Bots PDF Notes

Download free Telegram Bots in PDF. Telegram boot is a software that is use to help user to interact their systems to deliver their best. In this PDF notes you’ll learn how to build a telegram bot by using of programing languages. In this notes you will see how it is easy to use. You’ll learn that how you male bots from telegram platform . This Practical notes teach you that how you can easily develop bot by using of telegram bots APIs.

This notes is for developer, researchers, students and programmers to develop their skills in it. This practical notes teach you that how you can build your own telegram bots by using programing languages. There is given some examples for more understanding. You can download this PDF notes free from here.

You Will Learn These Topics From This Notes:

1. Week 1: Ruby

  • Chatting with the BotFather
  • Setting Up Ruby
  • Your First Telegram Bot
  • Understanding Received Messages Fields
  • First Reply

2. Week 2: Nim

  • Installing Nim
  • Creating Visual Studio Code Build Tasks
  • Installing Nim Packages with Nimble
  • First Nim Bot
  • Replying to Nim Bot
  • Cats and Dogs Nim Bot

3. Week 3: Crystal

  • Setting Up Crystal
  • Short Walk in the Playground
  • Going Visual Studio Code Again
  • Creating a Crystal Project
  • Echo Bot
  • Command Bot

4. Week 4: Rust

  • Rust Installation and First Steps
  • First Rust Or Two
  • Ride the Cargo
  • Multiple Cargo Targets
  • Rust Bot Number 1: Reply to Me
  • Rust Bot Number 2: Where is Tokyo
  • Rust Bot Number 3: Chained Reaction
  • Compiling for Release

5. Week 5: D

  • Installation and First D Steps
  • Some Bits of D on Concurrency
  • A Few More Examples of D
  • Telegram Bots in D
  • Meet Dub
  • First D Bot
  • More Bot API Usage

6. Week 6: C++

  • Requirements, Installation, and First Bot
  • Echo Bot
  • C++ Bots
  • Bot with Inline Keyboard
  • Photo Bot
  • OpenCV in Action
  • OpenCV Bot

7. Week 7: Clojure

  • Initial Set Up and First Clojure Bot
  • Visual Studio Code
  • The Project Metadata in Project .clj
  • The Token
  • Debugging Telegram Messages
  • A Simple Weather Bot
  • OpenCV and Telegram: Origami Bot

8. Week 8. Java

  • Installation
  • The Project Structure
  • Visual Studio Code Structure
  • First Java Bot
  • Send Some Text
  • Send a Photo
  • Bot with Invoice Capabilities
  • Sending an Invoice Message

9. Week 9: Go

  • Installation of Go
  • Let’s Go
  • Let’s Fib
  • First Bot in Go
  • Just Sending Pictures

10. Week 10: Elixir

  • Installation
  • Using Iex
  • Using Mix
  • Running Iex with Mix
  • Project Structure of a Mix Project
  • Get Something
  • Send Photo
  • Get File
  • Get Chat
  • Telegram Bot

11. Week 11: Node.js

  • Meet Runkit
  • Creating an Account
  • First Code on Runkit
  • Publishing Some Koa
  • Telegram Bot with Webhooks
  • More on the Telegraph Library
  • Running Node.js Locally

12. Week 12: Python

  • Installation
  • A Free Python Program
  • First Telegram with Python
  • First Bot: Send a Random Photo
  • First OpenCV Bot: Changing the Color Space of a Picture
  • Second OpenCV Bot : Count Face
  • TensorFlow to Close the Show


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