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Machine Learning For Big Data with Real Time Examples

Download Practical Machine Learning For Big Data PDF Free . In this notes you will Be able to Machine Learn for Big Data . AI is the ability of computer to control robots or machines to perform task like human. In this notes you’ll learn practical techniques of artificial intelligence to create mathematical algebraic models.  In this PDF notes you will learn how to solve artificial intelligence problems with the help of python. Python is a high level language, it is easy to use and you can easily understand its syntax.

In this practical notes you will learn about usage of python in projects. You’ll learn how to build basic python which is based on basic artificial intelligence applications. This Practical notes is helpful and useful for programmers, researchers, developer, students and those who is interested in artificial intelligence. This practical guide teach you that how to find problem and how to solve it. By this notes you can create different types of  python projects using python tools. In this notes there is given some examples for practice. You can download this notes free of cost.

Name Big Data With Machine Learning
Type PDF
Language English
Size 16 MB

You Cover These Topics:

Project Management

Running the Models

Linear Continuous Models


Constructing a Model



Multi-stage Models

Executable Model

Hidden Linear Continuous Model

Curve Fitting

Minimum Cost Flow

Linear Network Models


Classic Discrete Model

Set Packing

Classic Mixed Model


Bin Packing

Staffing Level

Advanced Techniques

Cutting Stock

Staff Scheduling

Sport Timetabling



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