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Gesture Controlling snake game in Python Using OpenCV

In this tutorial you will learn about to Develop Gesture controlling Snake Game In Python Using OpenCV. with The help of this system You can Play Snake Game with you Hand Gesture Movement With the Help of your PC camera. This system is very Simple and Developed in Python using OpenCV library .This system is not Specific For Snake Game You can Play any Game with the Help of this System Detecting your Face or related thing Like Pencils in your hand. You Need to set before. we are offering Source code

You Need To Install These Libraries To run This Project

Libraries   Version 
Imutils 0.5.1
PyAutoGUI 0.9.38
Opencv Python
Pygame 1.9.4

You Need to Install these Libraries By using  PIP-Install.

This System Build with 

  • PyautoGUI
  • OpenCV


  • Clone the repository in your local computer.
  • Use  Python<Filename>  to run specific files


With the Help of this system First It will Detect Object with the help of Camera Accordingly Specific Color. Using OpenCV library of this system. Then with the help of HSV Color this system have sense to Detect Their Movement with 95% Accuracy. After that you Need to Run Snake Game online and Play the game. You can Turn Left , Right , Up Down Very Smoothly .



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