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Free Download Restaurant Management System in C# with Source Code

Restaurant Management System with Source Code free Download C# (Desktop Application) . C# Projects with source codes.You Can use it for you Business to Mange the Complete Restaurant including POS, Inventory, Sale Reports,Charts of Account  .

Project ID 2
Project Name: Restaurant Management System
Developer Name: Zaheer Alam, Yasir Mehmood, Muhammad Asim
Upload Date:
Platform: C# Desktop Application
Programming Language: C#
IDE Tool:
Visual Studio 2012
Access Database
Database Tool: Access 2012


  • Purpose Of Sale Operations.
  • Kitchen Record.
  • Stock and Stock Management.
  • Affirm Order and Manage Table Allocation Process
  • Coordinated book keeping With graphs of accounts (all Financial reports including daily, weekly,monthly deal reports)
  • Complete Restaurant Expense Control System.
  • Acquiring Record.
  • Client Record (with Payment and Invoice record).
  • Proprietor Logins Controls.
  • Client Control with Cashbook
  • General Leger


Restaurant Management System is Design to manage the, Restaurant Management Information POS, User Management System, IT /Product, Customer Record, Invoice / Billing, Purchasing Record, Stock Management System,


  • Restaurant Name
  • Address, Contact No, Email ID
  • Administration Tax No
  • TIN No
  • Logo/Image
  • All Information and Image Create, Manage and Update
  • Money SETTINGS
  • Make Currency
  • Oversee Currency
  • Update Currency
  • Client Registration ( Details )
  • Client Type ( ex; administrator, staff, supervisor and so on )
  • Secret word Recovery System
  • Change Password System
  • Login Details
  • Thing/PRODUCT
  • Thing Name
  • Thing Price
  • Thing Category
  • All Item’s Information (Add, Edit, Delete, Update)
  • Client
  • Programmed Id produce
  • Name, Address, City
  • Contact No, Email
  • Versatile number, Note
  • All data – Add, Edit, Delete and Update
  • Demonstrate all Customer list
  • Receipt/BILL
  • Receipt No (Auto produce)
  • Receipt Date
  • Client Details (Select insightful)
  • Item/Item name, Unit Price
  • Hunt by item name
  • Amount
  • Aggregate sum ( Auto figure )
  • Add To Cart System
  • Sub Total, VAT+ST, Discount
  • Excellent Total, Total Payment ( Auto figure )
  • Change Money, Remarks/Note
  • Spare/Print Invoice
  • Receipt Save/Export ( pdf or others)
  • Receipt Edit, Delete, Update, Search all receipt date/client insightful
  • All Invoice fare to exceed expectations.



  • All deals/Invoices report
  • Deals By Customer report
  • Client Report
  • Date astute deals report
  • Date astute client installment report
  • Things/Product report


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