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Eye Blink Detection System using Python , SVM

In this Tutorial You will Learn about Developing Eye Blink Detection System Using Python OpenCv  and SVM. With the Help of this system You guys can Detect Eye Blink and Count Blink with Online video Streaming.This is Computer vision system with Image Processing.

we have to work on 

  • Find Set Location of Eye.
  • Set Threshold  To find Whites of Eye.
  • we have to set time to Disappear Eye.

First we have to Detect face with Nose, Eyebrow , Mouth,Lips, Chin  and Second we have to to set eyes aspect ratio with the help of facial landmark Detection we can detect import region of Eyes like this .

For Blink Detection we need Two sets of facial Structure

We need to Measure eye Starting Length and Width with setting Coordination and then we have to Detect White part of Eyes . and we will set white eye Disappear time and system will count.

with the help of this system we will count how many time eye Blink and cover white. system will work accuracy of 96 percent. we are sharing source code Free




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