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Develop Sudoku Slover in Python with Easy Steps

In This Tutorial You will Learn how to develop Sudoku Slover in Python Using Opencv, Numpy , Keras , Tensorflow with Image Processing.we have Develop this system with simple algorithm that perform simple step and solve Sudoku with simple Steps .with the help of this system you can Slove Sudoku very easily.

System Requirement to Develop or Run this System 


This system can work on single image and Video Both. First with the Image

  • First it will start image  processing to enhance high frequencies.
  •  then it will Find lines.
  • After that system will identify lines to know which can correspond to a grid.
  • It will Detect shape with Digits
  • after that it will Use  CNN do identify digits
  •  this will create a  grid in a table
  • And system will  solve it own
  • Created a virtual image to fill the initial image
  • we have to create  2 images together to show final result.

With the help of this system You can Done Sudoku  in Video. We need to Choose Video as input and then system will act different other then Image

  • First we need to extract numbers grid grids and with the use position of previous grids to deduce if both  grids in 2 pictures are  the same.
  • we have to perform these steps for grid solving, we wait to have meet the same extracted the whole grid twice.

this is all about Video.


You can Download Source code


Virus note:

  • All files are scanned  by Team of for viruses
  • Kindly Never run .exe’s, .ocx’s, .dll’s etc
  • Only Run PDF, Word


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