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Creating Your Own Zoom Chat bot Project

Download Free Your own Zoom Chat bot in Python , Deep Learning , DeepFakes using avatarify. with the help of this project you will able to create your own meeting with Einstein. one to top feature of this project it will done same expressions copy as you are doing.

Languages you Need to Know Before start.

1      Python
2      Deep Learning
3      DeepFakes
4      avatarify

Avatarify is open source DeepFakes  program that help you to use in Live ZOOM meeting.



Note: Step by Step Code Detail Video Available on our YouTube Channel : Techprofree . Search on YouTube . Subscribe Our Channel 


First install Avatarify on your system

Run Colab

Colab is Just like Google Docs if you make changes to the document, you changed it for everyone.

restart the terminal after installing miniconda before running bash scripts/ Otherwise you could get an error: -bash: conda: command not found

Preview Freezing

preview to appear after running ./ --is-client.... it will start working and then freeze

get code

Tutorial Link

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