Car parking Management system in CodeIgniter with source code

Download Free awesome Car parking Management system in Codelgniter PHP open source Web Based Application With Complete Source code and database. Car parking Management system is open source Application That can use to manage the overall car parking activities like  care lines total car and you  can track car that use parking  It is developed using CodeIgniter and Database text files. This Open source application can  help you  in final year students. We have a great collection of CodeIgniter  Free Source Code Projects you can download it .

Project Detail

Project Name Car Parking management system 
 Programming Language codelgniter
Database MYSQL
  • Manage User
  • Add new user detail
  • Manage Slot
  • Add slot information
  • Add parking information
  • View parking
  • Update it
  • remove parking information
  • Manage Company information
  • Update the company information
  • View Profile information
  • View user profile information
  • Manage Setting
  • Update user information
  • Update password information


  • Password: password


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