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Alumni Management system in c# with source code

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Download Free Advance Alumni Management system in c# open source Desktop Application With Complete Source code and database. Alumni Management system is open source Application use to mange generating information on alumni/graduates of the school. Talking about the system, the user just has to curriculum, school year, level, section, advisor, first name, last name, and gender. After this, the user can easily view the list of the student by searching through their names. It uses MS-Access as a database. With this, you can save a lot of time and most especially you can save on labor costs.It developed in C# and database Design in MS Access. You can download it. Its Totally free of cost This desktop application 100% working smooth without any bug. It is developed using C# and Database text files. This software code helpful in academic projects for final year students. We have a great collection of PHP Free Source Code Projects

Project Detail

Project Name Alumni information management system 
 Programming Language C#
Database MS Access


  • Add Student
  • Add Student Class
  • Add Student Department
  • Manage Student
  • Defective Student
  • Event information through Email
  • Manage Student Reports
  • Manage Settings
  • Login and Logout
  • User Management
  • Student Event Attendance system
  • Complete record management

Reports : All Kind of Reports
Records : All Kind of Records

  • Other Features:
  • Power Full User Rights Management System
  • Email Feature
  • Logs maintain facility
  • Database Backup option
  • Database Recovery option
  • Change Password
  • Password Recovery
    • Username:admin
    • Password: admin

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